Be Your Best

A surprisingly simple app that changes your habits.

We could all use some help when it comes to tracking habits. When it comes to learning a new language, hitting the gym regularly, replacing social media before bed with a book or going to bed in time. 

  • Simple- Minimalist design
  • Based on the latest research
  • Keeps you on track
  • Try not to break the chain
  • Daily reminders
  • Streaks to keep you motivated
  • Statistics to see how your habits are growing
  • Customizable
  • NO IN-APP PURCHASES. All features are free

Habits – Track New Habits



Best Day of Your Life

Create new habits and make them stick. Developing new habits is hard, and this is why we created “Habits” so you can track your progress.
Routines and habits are the key to have the “best day of your life”, and this app will help you.




66 Days

Research shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit. The app lets you define any habit you want to track along whit the situation and the reward you should give yourself.

Not a To Do List

Other habit trackers are often just a todo list manager. This app is designed to develop, establish and cement habits. 

Your new habit is about receive a BIG tick.

Create Grit with the Grid

We made ticking off those habits you want to cultivate really compelling by using a grid that shows you your effort for the next ten weeks. We know that this approach works better than just a todo list.

The app uses a grid, similar to a calendar, to show you how you are doing and will motivate you to get to the end of the 66-day challenge of forming a new habit. You can see the patterns of when you are doing well, when you lost steam and when you had your longest streak of consecutive days ticked off. The day grid will be your best tool to track, check, and reflect on your progress. We believe there is no better way to form habits. 

Free App – it’s that simple

We don’t charge for the app. It’s an absolutely free habit tracker. No annoying ads, no premium upsell, no in-app purchase. Simply free.

Just download the app for iOS and start your new habit. 


  • Works on iOS 13
  • Dark Mode for iOS 13 
  • Today widget
  • Daily reminders
  • Customizable colours and rewards
  • Super simple habit tracker
  • and more…

Great in Dark Mode

Our User Love the Habits App

Here is what some of the 5-star ratings say:

Super simple. I love it!

by letprado

I like the simplicity and the new design. The user interface is so easy to use. Really enjoy the new features. I was waiting for reminders and now they are finally in the app. Great update.

by Lynn

I’ve has several habit trackers, with reminders, and this is by far the best.

by midknyght

Great app, minimalistic stylish design, that does not distract you from everyday logging of your habits completion. With the new update: no crashes and all is great!

by yusinyusin

This app was good before the latest updates but is even better now. As a bonus, besides being free, developer actually personally corresponds with you. What a breath of fresh air.

by notdefeated

Be Your Best Self

Everyone needs some help with changing habits like doing regular workouts, meditation, going for walk, or to the gym.

Reminders are great and nudge you to do your yoga routine, take your vitamins, go for a run.

Habit can be used to become a better person, more successful, healthier and to achieve your goals. Using a habit tracker helps you to stay on the path to a happier and more fulfilled life.

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