Smart Habits

SMART Habits is a simple habit tracker that turns your device into a powerful assistant. The app learns your habits and nudges you when you need it most.

Simple UI

First, create any habits you like – good or bad. Then, spend a minute a day to log activities for the next four weeks and see how this little app can change your life. 

Most habit trackers are not smart enough to make you change and stick to your habits. Other habit trackers use a tiny portion of what your device can do for you. 
Habit SMART uses the iOS device to learn and become a proper helper, just like a real assistant. 

The app is based on radical simplicity and has no bells or whistles—just a simple, easy, and practical app.

Challenge yourself

SMART Reminders
After a few days of use, the app has learned your schedule and will remind you automatically.

Collections of curated habits such as tough, easy or mindful habits.

Charts & Statistics
Charts show your weekly and monthly progress

Create streaks with every completed habit and every perfect day.

Hand-picked templates for most impactful habits. Get started instantly with these pre-configured habits.

Collect Awards
Every’Perfect Day’ earns you an award.

Perfect Day
Complete all your habits for the day and track your perfect days.

iOS 15 Focus
Control which habit can breakthrough when in Focus mode.

Tips & Tricks
Get advice about how to improve your habits.

Organize your habits in groups to keep you focused. There are groups for morning or evening habits.

Emoji Icons
Add a supersize emoji to your habit to make it more recognizable and fun.

Siri Shortcuts
Voice control the app with Siri.

Multiple Times a Day
Define how many times a day you want to do a habit. Try to close the progress ring.

Paused Habits
Pause a habit when you can’t do it that day. For example, when on vacation or sick, just put it on pause.

Go Back in Time
You can start a habit in the past.

Stop Bad
Habits Streaks can track how many days in a row you have avoided a bad habit.

Customize Rings
Progress rings can be shown on the left or on the right.

iPad App
Works on iPad

iPhone App
Works on iPhone.

M1 Mac
Works on M1 Mac.

Custom Reminders
Use custom reminders instead of SMART reminder if you need more control.

iCloud Sync
Synchronize between your Apple devices.

Backup & Restore
Saves all your habits and lets you restore them when you need to.

Morning & Daily Brief
Receive every morning a brief on todays habits. In the evening you get a summary of your day.

Month Chart
More insights about your overall progress.

App Icon Gallery
Choose an app icon that fits you best.

Unlimited Habits
Track as many habits as you like.

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